UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 we are not meeting face to face at the moment. Our next meeting will be the 24th June 2020 Please see our Facebook group for more information.

Welcome to the Chorlton Chapters book club.

We are a small group of people living in and around Chorlton who get together to share a mutual love of reading.  The Club started on March 16, 2006 and currently meets on the third Wednesday of every month to discuss the book we selected to read for that month, and to choose the next book.

The book we are reading this month is shown on the 'This Month' page, along with any other books that were proposed but not chosen. Previous months' books are listed on the 'Reviews' page.


Almost exactly two years since her last baked questions (see below), Wendy donned her cook's apron again for these yummy biscuits in the shapes of houses and leaves to help our discussion of "House of Leaves", which was the club's choice in July 2016. Even the questions themselves were leaf shaped. Not sure my waistline could survive any other club members taking a 'leaf' out of Wendy's book!


Whoever proposes the book of the month chairs the meeting at which the book is discussed, and brings along some questions to help the discussion along. Most of us do the obvious - search for questions on the Internet - but over the years we've had a few more inventive ways of presenting the questions. None, however, have been as inventive as Wendy's questions for "All The Birds Singing", which we read in August 2014. She'd baked the topics for discussion into crunchy snacks. That really did take the biscuit!

For more news of social events, go to the Social page.


If you are interested in joining please connect with the group on Facebook (details on the Entrée page).


















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