Members Page.

Here are some headshots and a potted history of some of our members. Others have been a bit reticent about sharing their wonderful good looks and intimate details with us all. Can't imagine why.

The order of names is arbitrary. For the original eleven members (those who are still shown) it's the order they appeared in our first shared email. After that, it was the order in which people joined. Following the removal of all the empty entries, anyone sending in their details has been added at the end of the list.

Mair Wallroth (nee Morgan)

New books and socialising with new friends - what more could a girl want? I've been with Chorlton Chapters since its inception and it's helped me totally rediscover my passion for reading. From dark thrillers to heart-wrenching tales of families torn apart and everything in between, Chorlton Chapters has opened new literary doors and I find that sharing my reading experiences with others is a great way to relax. What else? Oh, I'm Welsh, my other passion is rugby and my most overused sayings probably are: "I hate DIY" and "there's nothing like a nice pint of ale!"

[ Founding member Mair passed away in December 2012 from breast cancer. Her entry here is retained as a small tribute. You can support the charity Mummy's Star, established by her family to support others through cancer during pregnancy, by following this link. ]


Amy Gregg

It's fortunate that we don't have the American 'year book' system here, otherwise I would have been without a doubt voted 'person most likely to join a book club'... and here I am. I love reading but my favourites are: Anything at all by Orwell, especially Homage to Catalonia, The Bridges of Madison County, Bridget Jones' Diary, The Queen and I, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, The Famous Five (all of them) and Thumbelina. However I haven't yet read a poem I would put out in the traditional way were it on fire. Shame I don't get much time for reading at the moment as I'm about to start my first year as a History teacher, and when I do have free time, there's so much fun stuff to do in Chorlton.


John Beresford

I've lived in Chorlton/Whalley Range three times in the last thirty years, but this time round I've been here since 2001 and intend to stay. My favourite books are science fiction and (good!) fantasy, although I can be tempted by a decent horror story, mystery or thriller. Favourite author is Isaac Asimov. My other hobbies include writing, photography, web design & movies.


Nikki Beresford

I lived in Chorlton from 2001, moving to Whalley Range at the end of 2006. My favourite books are The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and Sarum by Edward Rutherford - both read many times! I prefer to avoid books written in the first person. I've always found them difficult to get into. I prefer to feel as though I'm "on the outside looking in."


Louisa Morgan

Over a 'few' glasses of wine my sister (Mair) and I decided to set up a book club. It's proved to be a great way of meeting lovely people and having a nice evening discussing books. I wanted to be encouraged to read different types of books and this has certainly been the case. My favourite authors are Maeve Binchy and Helen Forrester. I am curious as to whether I could be convinced to read a whole book on Science Fiction or/and Thrillers (ugh!).

Apart from reading, my hobbies include socialising over a 'few' glasses of gin and tonic, meditation, surfing the net for next year's holiday destination and going to the cinema. (oh and watching Big Brother!)


Jane Hately

I'm Jane and I live in Chorlton. My favourite books have an American theme; I'm especially fond of wild west and survival stories. Favourite author Annie Proulx. Other hobbies: hiking, camping, gardening and seeing bands.


Ben Monk

Ben has not yet submitted a personal message.


Kathy Macdermid

Kathy has not yet submitted a personal message.


Jodie Shard

I've been a member of the book club since the start and I've loved reading since an early age. I completed an English degree at MMU in 2004 and have read a wide variety of literature (not that i liked all of it!). My favourite books are usually by contemporary American writers like Poppy Z., Brite, Bret Easton Ellis, Paul Auster etc. but i like some fantasy books and am partial to a girly read from time to time - A bit of everything for me as long as it's got some thought behind the story, i just like reading!

My other hobbies include: going on as many holidays as I can, films, trivia and relaxing with my friends with a nice glass of wine or a pint (does sleeping count as a hobby?).


Wendy Williams

Hi, I've now lived in Chorlton for nearly a year and still feel that I'm new to the area. I joined the bookgroup when I moved here in October 2006 through the recommendation of my friends Louisa and Mair Morgan (fellow welshies!) and it's been a great group to meet new people. Not a natural lover of books, (find it hard to find the time), but I like being encouraged to read new books and books I would never pick up usually and I've surprised myself with what I do and don't like. When I'm not trying to find time to read, I like socialising with friends over one or two (ok, maybe more like 4 or 5!) bacardi's and cokes, visiting friends and family and going to the cinema and so on.


Richard Layfield

After 8 years paddling around in the backwaters of Cambridge I moved to Chorlton in August 2007 and love living here. I'm a relative newcomer to Chorlton Chapters and the experience has been revelatory. I'm now reading books that I otherwise wouldn't even consider since my literary comfort zone tends be marked out by: European writing, particularly Communist-era/Eastern Bloc authors; political biographies, particularly of figures in the labour movement; and popular science books as an extension of my 'day job'. As I look ahead to my turn as book selector I'm filled with a certain sense of foreboding because the prospect of condensing a life-long love of books into a mere three is a tad daunting!

When my nose isn't stuck in a book my hobbies involve, amongst other things, city breaks in eastern Europe, amateur dramatics, football, food, German and Belgian beers and real ale, shoes and inorganic chemistry.


Richard Frost

I'm a journalist and my favourite book is George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. There are a lot of things I tend to like in a novel — politics, history, the media, dystopias, allegories, fast-moving plots and clever use of language — and this book has them all. I also love Catch-22, Animal Farm, Scoop, The Quiet American, The Feast of the Goat and too many others to mention.

I've been living on and off in Chorlton since 2005. Although I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, something always pulls me back to this part of Manchester in the end. In my free time, I run a blog about places to go and things to do in Manchester, which is basically just an excuse to be nosy and find out what's happening in my adopted home.